Wholesale gift paper bags from Darling Packing

As direct factory, we do not only accept customization service, but also have lots of designs in stock.

Wholesale gift bags can give you the greatest price advantage…

Gift paper bags: Wholesale considerations

When shopping for gift bags, wholesale prices make our gift z paper bags more enticing. We offer a wide range of sizes of gift bags to choose from, and if it still doesn’t fit we can customize the size you need. We offer small gift bags that can be used to wrap small samples and we are able to make small jewelry boxes. With such a wide range of sizes, we can make sure you have the perfect gift paper bag to wrap each product in. We also offer a wide selection of colors and materials to further personalize your gift bags. Add your unique logo to create a beautiful custom gift paper bag that’s sure to keep your customers coming back to your store!

Wholesale gift paper bags from Darling Packing

Paper gift bags are a great way to wrap up a customer’s purchase and send it out the door beautifully without the hassle of cutting, folding and taping. Gift paper bags can be stacked together to save space, and custom gift paper bags are a great option to use for different occasions. Especially during peak seasons, you can simply put your products in a gift bag, add some ribbon and a nice sticker, add a card or label, and it’s ready to go. When you choose high quality gift bags and customize them to include your company’s logo, you expand your brand’s reach when customers take the bags home, or stroll out to take them out. If you want wholesale gift paper bags please contact us directly!

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I am very satisfied that I can wholesale gift paper bags from Darling packing. Amber was very helpful, always replying in a timely manner. She always answered any questions I had and made the whole experience better (as best as it could be due to the circumstances). Thank you!
Jon Bakken
I'm honestly very happy that I chose this product. Not only was the vendor super helpful and knowledgable, but the product itself is of topnotch quality. The amount of flexibility when it comes to the customization was amazing too! I'm definitely going to buy from them again once I run out of the gift paper bags that I've ordered.
Andrea Velle

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