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Types of food paper bags

With the increasing concept of health and environmental protection, paper packaging again in people’s daily lives food packaging bags are widely used, from food stalls grease-proof paper bags, snack bags, to McDonald’s KFC food packaging, paper pads, takeaway bags. So, what is the most commonly used wrapping paper in the food market?
When customizing food packaging bags, there are many types of paper to choose from, and four are commonly used: kraft paper, coated paper, white cardboard, and corrugated paper. Different types of paper have different toughness, smoothness and aesthetics. In the custom paper bags, we will root out the customer’s needs to use a different paper to meet the needs of customers. Next, I will give you a brief overview of the four types of paper commonly used in bags.

1. Kraft paper

It is made of thicker softwood sulphate, which is usually yellowish brown, except for light brown, creamy or white. The thickness ranges from 80g to 120g. Kraft tension is very good, mainly used to make environmentally friendly portable paper bags, food takeaway paper bags, supermarket chestnuts and other dried fruit wrapping paper bags, envelope bags, briefcases, medical records bags.

2. White cardboard

A single or multi-ply mixture made from bleached chemical and complete pastes. White cardboard has a smooth surface and a hard texture. At present, imported white cardboard occupies a large market share in domestic and foreign markets.White cardboard is mainly used to make high-end exquisite handbags, bags, gift boxes, business cards and so on. Please contact us directly if you want to customize your gift bag.

3. Coated paper

Its main raw materials are copper plate base paper and coating. The pigments, adhesives and auxiliary materials are made into coatings, which are applied on the surface of cardboard by special equipment. After drying and calendering, the surface of cardboard is smooth with good printing performance and thickness of 70-250 grams, mainly used for cigarette boxes. Labels, cartons, etc.

4. Offset paper

The paper surface is white and smooth, but whiteness, tightness and smoothness are lower than coated paper. Suitable for printing monochrome or multicolor book covers, posters, color trademarks, etc.. And a variety of packaging products, in recent years has also been used to produce chestnut and other less demanding dried fruit packaging bags. As a professional paper bag manufacturer, we offer different paper bags for food use, such as popcorn paper bags, paper sandwich bags, paper bread bags, butter paper bags, takeway paper bags, contact us now! Get a quote now!

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Really good quality food paper bags. Very pleased. Easy to work with and we able to make small changes to my design to fit their machine. Quick production and they were upfront about shipping costs and timelines. Highly recommend.
Adam Sendler
The shipment and the help given was very good and quick. I'm also satisfied with the willingness to assist in the production of a mock-up. The samples sent were a broad selection and satisfactory.
Mike Stuart

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