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Types of food packaging box

1. Food carton packaging with jacks

This is a very common form of food carton packaging, concise appearance, the process is very simple, for enterprises to greatly reduce the cost of packaging, most of the common wholesale food packaging is with this structure.

2. Windowed food carton packaging

The open-window carton is commonly used in food and other products. This type of packaging structure is characterized by allowing the consumer to see the product inside at a glance, which in a way increases the credibility of the product, usually the part of the window with a transparent material bonded to the carton.

3. Portable food carton bags

Hand-held carton packaging is commonly used in food gift box packaging, which is easy to carry and popular among consumers. During the design and production, the weight and volume of the product should be taken into account to avoid the damage of the box in the process of use

4. Drawer type food carton packaging

As the name suggests, the drawer-type food carton packaging is similar to the shape of a drawer, the lid and body of the box is supported by two sheets of paper open, which is characterized by a strong structure for multiple use. Commonly used are pastry boxes, ice cream boxes and so on.

5. Variable-form food carton packaging

Variable form of food cartons to pursue structural versatility, often applied to some characteristics of food, such as snacks, candy and so on. This structural form is more complex and more expensive, but the display effect is good, more likely to attract consumers’ attention.

6. Food carton packaging with lid

Covered structure is divided into one body and split two forms. One body refers to the cover and box body is connected to a paper, such as some biscuit packaging; while the split type refers to the cover and box identity open two paper forming, common is heaven and earth cover packaging, such as some cake packaging.

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